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Staunton Virginia Real Estate

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Staunton / Augusta Real Estate

We will help you find the best available Staunton homes for sale. And with access to our Staunton real estate featured homes, you will find a nice selection of available properties in the Staunton / Augusta County area to help guide your search. Our agents and realtors also provide property listing details and offer access to community information about the Staunton Va home buying and sellers market. In addition, we are pleased to detail the local services that assist you throughout the process, including home owners insurance, mortgage lenders, movers and other services for future homeowners in the Staunton Virginia area.Our Staunton real estate listings offer some of the finest residential houses and homes in the Augusta County / Staunton real estate area. In addition, our agents and brokers are aware of numerous other Waynesboro, Stuarts Draft, Highland and Bath County properties, including privately listed homes, one of which could be the ideal house for you.

Seated in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, Augusta County / Staunton residents are afforded easy access to fine shops, and restaurants, as well as Staunton’s historic downtown. Directly off of I-81, there is immediate access to Harrisonburg to the north, Roanoke to the South as well as Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia to the east and is within a half-an-hour of eight major universities.

With five districts each representing a wealth of unique cultural and architectural history, the elegance of the area is undeniable. Each area, a favorite attraction for both visitors and local residents, there numerous buildings in these preserved sanctuaries, Beverley, Stuart Addition, Gospel Hill, Newtown and the Wharf, that have been restored to protect the past that they so uniquely reflect.

Over 25,000 citizens revel in the convergence of a historic city that has embraced the modern advances of the new millennium. With a terrific school system, having been recognized for its excellence, and a plethora of public parks and scenic campgrounds, there area is prepared to provide the balanced quality of life you have been hoping to find.

If you are looking for tranquility, beautiful vistas and unique homes, come see the Staunton Virginia – Augusta County area as well as Bath County and Highland County, Virginia.

Staunton, VA Real Estate

Tucked away in the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains, Staunton is one of Virginia’s most memorable historic towns. Staunton combines the best of both worlds: a unique, charming small-town atmosphere with the cultural and recreational opportunities of a much larger city. Staunton has so much to explore – with hiking trails that showcase incredible views, quirky boutiques, and innovative new restaurants and breweries, there’s always something to do. If you’re drawn to Staunton’s relaxed, pastoral character or you’re looking to relocate your family to a safe, tightknit community, we can help you find a home that meets your needs.

Staunton’s rich history stretches back into the 18th century. The area was first settled in 1732, and its strategic importance as the center of the Virginia Colony quickly became obvious. From 1738 until the breakout of the Revolutionary War, Staunton was the regional capital of the British colony and a key trading center for grain and tobacco. Staunton made the news again in the 19th century as an educational center when Mary Baldwin University (1842), a historically women’s college, and the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind (1839) were established. Staunton is also noted as the birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the U.S. and location of his presidential library.

Staunton provides opportunities for many different lifestyles. The town is home to one university and is in the middle of several others including the University of Virginia and James Madison University. After graduating, many young people in the area settle in Staunton because of its low cost of living, charming culture, and vibrant food and beer scene. Young families are drawn to the area for the same reasons, and because Staunton has strong local public schools as well as the nationally-recognized private school, Stuart Hall. The town’s walkability, the well-maintained public green spaces and the relaxed pace of life also entice many choosing where to enjoy their retirement.

Whether you want to enjoy the comfort of living in Staunton’s walkable downtown or you’re drawn to the luxurious side of country living – the privacy and elegance of a historic manor – it’s hard to find a downside to Staunton’s stunning setting and unique culture. Staunton has a wealth of impressive options for those who want a private, historic estate with acres for horseback riding or gardening. As experts in historic estates, we can help you decide if you want a manor in its original construction or updated with modern amenities. Or if you’ve designed your dream home in your mind, we can help you find the right land to give it the perfect backdrop.

For those who love the great outdoors, Staunton is the perfect place to start a farm or garden. With the Shenandoah Valley moderating the climate and the Shenandoah River enriching the fertile soil, you couldn’t find better land for agriculture. Whether you want a garden to lounge in or to sell your produce at the popular local farmer’s market, Staunton’s climate makes it the perfect spot.