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Stretching 200 miles across the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains lies the Shenandoah Valley – a stunning piece of Virginia’s living cultural and geographic heritage. Dotted with postcard-perfect farms and quaint small towns, this is the land of rolling green pastures and sublime mountain views. For those seeking the true splendor of country living, look no further than the bucolic estates of the Staunton region.

From your first drive out across the Skyline Drive or the Blue Ridge Parkway, the striking scenery may take you by surprise – from up high on the mountains, the valley stretches for miles across verdant hills and winding rivers & streams. Here, you’ll find true pastoral bliss in the lush natural scenery, interspersed with stately manors and luxurious estates. And as you descend into the valley, you’ll feel the landscape bursting with life as you take in the sights and soft sounds of unspoiled countryside.

Shenandoah Valley Mansions For Sale

Here in the Valley, our extensive selection of estates offer all the privacy you need to appreciate the natural beauty – without sacrificing luxury at home. Each of our properties features a unique design inspired by the Valley’s scenery and history, from colonial manors to rugged lodges, with varying levels of modern touches. Whatever it is that attracts you to country living – whether a quaint pastoral lifestyle to help you connect to nature or modern luxury set against a timeless natural backdrop – we’re here to help you live your vision. From historic homes virtually untouched since their original construction to cottages and mansions alike updated with the latest modern comforts and unique features, our experts will gladly help you navigate the possibilities to find what’s right for you.

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But luxury homes aren’t the whole story in Staunton County. Once known as the “breadbasket of the Confederacy,” there’s a reason the Shenandoah Valley is known for its rich farmland. Thanks to the unique geology of the Valley, irrigated by the Shenandoah River and cradled between the ancient and mineral-rich Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains, the region boasts some of Virginia’s most fertile soil. For generations, Virginia farmers have thrived thanks to these natural factors – and as farm-to-table dining grows around the state and around the mid-Atlantic, the Valley’s bounty is becoming more and more celebrated. Whether you’re looking to develop crops or livestock, or simply seeking a private pastoral oasis, these homes offer unparalleled value and tremendous possibility to bring your vision of country living to life.

And the Valley has much more to offer. From nationally-renowned hiking trails in the sublime Shenandoah National Park to the stunning natural rock formations of the Luray caverns, the Staunton region offers incredible opportunities to explore the Valley’s unique geography at all its elevations. But for all the natural life, there’s just as much history and culture to explore, as well – discover quaint small towns throughout the Valley, artisan crafts at Staunton’s Artisan Center, follow the historical sites of the Civil War at New Market & Fisher’s Hill Battlefields and learn about history of early American homesteading in the region at the Frontier Culture Museum.

Those with a true passion for country life will feel right at home in this region. With a rich history defined by pastoralism, our Staunton estates are inspired by that legacy and upgrade it for the modern era.