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Homes for Sale in Virginia

Northern Virginia Homes

With twelve counties to choose from Northern Virginia, affectionately referred to as NOVA, has something to offer anyone that is in search of a respite from the daily hustle and bustle of DC work week. From modern homes in award-winning communities to homes that are away from the beaten path, all types of homes and land options can be found. The area also has access to many of the best-ranked colleges in the country an easy car or metro stop away as well as just about any type of activity you are interested in. Take a look to see what fits your style the most.

Charlottesville Virginia Real Estate

Nestled slightly to the east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville has all the modern amenities with an old town feel. Take a walk through the historic downtown pedestrian mall, peruse one of the many shopping centers located around town, or go to one of the many wineries that surround the city. Charlottesville offers a wonderful thriving community made up of a diverse population and also encapsulates the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson’s brainchild. You can also stroll through the parks, take a quick ride on the train to DC for the day, or enjoy the wonderful views, you cannot go wrong in choosing Charlottesville as your next destination!

Shenandoah Valley VA Real Estate

Seated in the middle of some of the most scenic land and temperate climate anywhere, the Shenandoah Valley area has drawn millions to its parks, bed and breakfasts’ and wineries. The Valley has seen a boom in both tourism and population growth due to the boost of activities available in the area as well as it’s climate and general friendliness of communities. Take a drive through the country and find your forever home, it’s easier than ever! From outdoors to indoors, the Valley has multitudes of homesteads, farms, acreage, and whatever else you need to make you feel at home.

Homes for Sale in Virginia

Known as the birthplace of the nation, Virginia’s residents love the state in which they reside. From oceanside beaches to mountainous terrain, Virginia has the sights and sounds that will soothe you. Located in the middle of the eastern seaboard, it has never been better to live in Virginia with its mild winters and it’s warm and windy summers, you’ll be able to be outside as much as you want! Besides the outdoors, the state offers many historical and cultural sites, getaways, and big city life. From the NOVA, Richmond, and Charlottesville areas alone you will find communities that are full of warmth and hospitality. Buy a farm and a couple of horses, or buy a townhouse in a historical district, Virginia has everything to offer.

Fun Virginia State Facts:

  • Birthplace of 8 presidents
  • Home to the first English settlement in the U.S.
  • The Blue Ridge Mountains run through Virginia
  • Major cash crop of Virginia was tobacco after silk cultivation failed
  • About half of the population in the U.S. live within 500 miles of Richmond.

No matter what area you choose to live in Virginia, there are no wrong choices from the mountains to the valleys and more. Happy home hunting!