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Frederick County, VA Real Estate

As the northernmost country in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Frederick County has an excellent reputation as a hub for anyone with frequent travels around Northern Virginia or the neighboring states – all while still offering an escape from the bustle of those major urban centers. But there’s much more to Frederick County than the location alone. With gorgeous properties and a uniquely rich history, Frederick County real estate is much more than meets the eye. We’re proud to offer extensive listings across the area, and our team of experts is standing by to help you find the new property you’ve been looking for.

Inhabited for generations by Native Americans, the land that would become Frederick County was one of the first places colonized in the New World. The Virginia Company of London first attempted to settle the land. But after the company lost its charter and the state of Virginia became royal colony in 1624, the settlements began to flourish – and would continue to flourish for the subsequent centuries. Named for Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales, Frederick County was officially organized in 1743 – predating the founding of the United States of America by three decades!

Beyond the early settlement, Frederick County continued to play important roles in American history over the years. As Commander-in-Chief of the new Colonial Virginia regiment in 1754, George Washington made his headquarters in the city of Winchester throughout the French and Indian War. And just a few years later, Washington was elected to his first public office representing Frederick County in the House of Burgesses (part of Virginia’s early colonial legislature) – today known as the House of Delegates.

Frederick County Virginia Real Estate

Frederick County would later serve as a key flashpoint in the American Civil War, trading hands between Confederate and Union forces an average of once every three weeks throughout the course of the war! The site of many major battles, including the Battle of Cedar Creek that marked the end of the Confederacy’s attempted invasion of the North, the region was critical to the war because of its key strategic location at the top of the Shenandoah Valley – a major agricultural area known at the time as the ‘Breadbasket of the Confederacy.’

Today, Frederick County real estate continues to benefit from its fantastic location – close enough to the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area (and all its transportation options, institutions and amenities), but far enough to avoid the overwhelming bustle of the city and enjoy some peace and quiet. Sitting at the top of the Shenandoah Valley, the region also boasts gorgeous natural landscapes defined by the high ridges of the famous Blue Ridge & Allegheny Mountains and the lush valley between them. And with Frederick County real estate boasting properties from urban centers to private estates, we’re proud to offer listings to fit exactly the kind of lifestyle you’re looking for.

Across our listings, you’ll find a diverse array of properties across Frederick County real estate – from residential options like bucolic cottages and urban houses, to commercial options like rental units, storefronts and acres of land ready for whatever kind of operation or development you’re considering. We’re excited to offer our expertise in the region to help you find the right property for your ideas and bring your vision to life. Whether you’re searching for a farming estate to take advantage of the uniquely rich soil of the Shenandoah Valley or a commercial property in a city like Winchester to take advantage of the thriving local economy, our team can help guide you through all the excellent options available across the county.

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