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Richmond City Homes for Sale

City of Richmond, Virginia Real Estate

Situated on the James River only two hours from Washington DC, Richmond is the perfect location for business and a diverse population. The area’s wealth of amenities, include safe historic neighborhoods and make Richmond one of the “Best Places to Live” (CNN Money).

As the site of one of America’s first settlements and one of Virginia’s most important cities, Richmond has been a thriving and sought-after community for generations – and for good reason. Thanks to a fascinating historical legacy, incredible amenities and institutions, gorgeous colonial architecture and unique natural landscape, Richmond real estate continues to be both a great investment and a great place to build a life and home. Here at Virginia Estates, our roots in across the state run deep, and we’re excited to lend you our expertise to find the right property for you. And for those seeking the excitement and convenience of urban life – with a special appreciation for Southern charm and American history – let us be your guides to the Commonwealth’s great capital!

Since the 18th century, Richmond’s legacy has been defined by its importance in American history. Founded in 1742 by planter William Byrd, Richmond was the site of important activity both during the American Revolution and beyond. In 1775, Patrick Henry delivered his famous “Give me liberty of give me death” speech in St. John’s Church on East Broad Street – a monument of history still standing today. Richmond would go on to become the official state capital in 1780, and began to emerge as an important industrial center, thanks to its location on the fall line of the James River – offering important access between the western parts of the state and the larger trade networks. The city would later go onto become the capital of the Confederacy during the American Civil War, and emerged from the conflict stronger than ever as a major transit hub.

City of Richmond Real Estate

Today, Richmond remains a vibrant city with a deep appreciation for its past. With institutions like the Virginia Historical Society, the Valentine Richmond History Center and the American Civil War Center, the city offers great opportunities to explore its incredible history. The city is also notably filled with monuments ranging from war memorials to monuments of historical figures from Christopher Columbus to Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. And with so much historic architecture throughout the city, Richmond real estate isn’t just property – it’s part of the historical fabric of the community and the country.

Of course, Richmond is much more than its history alone. The city also boasts the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Science Museum of Virginia, Edgar Allen Poe Museum and many other arts & science institutions. But Richmond offers plenty of options for outdoor recreation, as well – thanks to its location on the James River, the city’s waterfront district is home to a thriving nightlife and offers plenty of opportunity to enjoy activities on the water. In fact, Richmond is known as one of the best places in the country for urban white-water rafting! Richmond is also home to a number of major public parks (including two on islands in the James River) and its location offers excellent access to nearby biking, hiking and nature trails. And with its thriving food scene, drawing on and modernizing rich Southern traditions, Richmond continues to be recognized as one of the premier destinations of the South.

With all that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Richmond city real estate continues to be in high demand. That’s why we’re on hand to help you navigate the market and find the right property for you. Whether you’re looking for a condo or a house, from small apartments to multi-story houses, we have listings that can work for nearly any price point. Call u today to discuss your vision!