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Charles City & New Kent Homes for Sale

Charles City & New Kent County, Virginia Real Estate

Charles City County and New Kent County are largely rural counties located to the east of Richmond. With low populations and rolling countryside, Charles City and New Kent are ideal places for those seeking to escape the congestion and sprawl of the suburbs in exchange for a more rustic lifestyle. Charles City and New Kent real estate consist of numerous working farms, small custom home communities, and historic houses.

On the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, some of Virginia’s oldest settlements are thriving well into the 21st century. With their origins dating back to some of the country’s first colonies – and even further back into their long settlement by Native American tribes – Charles City & New Kent Counties are a testament to American history. And yet, there’s never been a better time to live in either place than today! Boasting strong economies, picturesque landscapes, productive soil and close access to urban hotspots throughout the mid-Atlantic, the region is flourishing. Call us today to schedule a viewing and come see for yourself!Like much of the rest of Virginia, this region holds an important place in early American history. But across Charles City & New Kent Counties, visitors can explore the landscape where the very foundations of the United States were laid – Charles City County was established in 1619, back when settlement was still run privately by the Virginia Company, and officially became a royal colony (and one of the five original Shires of Virginia) in 1634; New Kent County was established decades later in 1654, still more than a century before the United States first declared independence. For generations, these communities helped define the early American project, even giving us two presidents in William Henry Harrison and John Tyler. But of course, history isn’t the region’s only claim to fame.

Sandwiched between the James, Chickahominy and Pamunkey Rivers, the region exemplifies the diverse landscapes of the Tidewater – Virginia’s eastern geological region defined by low-lying plains and tidal marshes. With this unique biodiverse footprint, Charles City and New Kent Counties have supported expansive plantations over hundreds of years. And even today, the region is keeping the legacy alive in unique ways. Some farms in Charles City County have been under continuous crop production for more than 400 years – and still remain highly productive! In fact, Charles City County farmers have a reputation for producing some of the most bushels per acre in grain production across the country, with some winning national corn and wheat growing contests for consecutive years. It’s all because of the combination of the Tidewater’s uniquely rich soil and the no-till methods that have been developed throughout the region – and thanks to these methods, local farmers have even helped develop leading solutions to preserve fields from erosion and minimize runoff. Now, these innovative techniques even offer a promising new strategy to keep the Chesapeake Bay healthy for generations – an opportunity sure to make Charles City and New Kent County real estate highly valuable for years to come.

Charles City & New Kent County, VA Real Estate

With its gorgeous landscapes and incredible soil content, Charles City & New Kent County are wonderful places to live for anyone with an appreciation for farming, wildlife or gardening – and of course, a rich historical legacy. And better yet, Charles City & New Kent County real estate also offers an excellent value for the money. Here, you’ll find homes sitting on acres of unspoiled land waiting for whatever kind of development you can imagine – offering privacy and a wonderful opportunity to build your own oasis. And with close access to Richmond and all its transportation hubs, residents here find a great balance between urban conveniences and the comforts of more rural living.

Here at Virginia Estates, we’re proud to offer listings across a wide variety of price ranges. From undeveloped real estate to small houses and multi-story homes nestled among acres of well-managed land, our experts are on call to help work within your budget and find the right property to make your vision a reality. Call today to discuss what you’re looking for, or schedule a viewing!