Organic Farming’s Big Moment – Organic Foods Break $100 Billion in Sales

Consumers across the world today are purchasing more organic foods than ever – and for the first time ever, global sales of organic foods and drinks surpassed $100 billion last year. Ecovia Intelligence researched the sale of organic food and found that there was a 6% increase in sales of organic foods and drinks from 2017 to 2018. Organic farming is a bigger industry than ever and all projections indicate it will continue to grow!

Organic Food – Who’s Buying It?

The largest markets for organic food and drinks are North America and Europe, which together account for 90% of sales worldwide. The single largest market for organic food and drinks is the US, and this demand makes it a great place to start a new organic farm. After all, the United States accounts for a whopping 45% of the $100 billion organic food and drink industry! Demand is high for organic products across Europe, but especially in Germany, France, and Italy.

Consumers can more easily find organic products in local grocery stores than ever before. Organic food and drink products are even spreading into discount stores and pharmacies! Restaurants in Europe and North America are also using organic farming as a selling point, advertising their menus as “farm to table.” Even some global casual food restaurants like Pret A Manger and McDonald’s are responding to their customers’ health concerns and turning to organic farming.

Brand Partnerships – Safely Transitioning to Organic Farming

As the market for organic farming skyrockets, traditional farmers are increasingly seeing their products passed over for organic products. In order to keep up with consumer demand in a changing market, many farmers are choosing to transition to organic farming. It can be a steep learning curve for farmers to figure out how to manage soil nutrient levels, weeds, and bugs without chemicals. Farmers have found one solid way of transitioning to organic farming safely, in a way that guarantees their new organic crops will be bought: brand partnerships. Organic food and drink brands are on the lookout for farms of all sizes to partner with to meet the growing demand for their products. These brands will partner with organic farms and commit to buying their products in order to reduce the risk farmers face when switching their farming techniques.

Why Are Consumers Choosing Organic?

There are two main reasons driving consumers to choose organically-farmed products in the grocery store. First, because of the internet and smart phones, consumers have more information than ever at their fingertips to research the health risks associated with chemicals and the environmental impacts of traditional versus organic farming. Second, organic food and drinks are increasingly available in a variety of stores, making it easier than ever for consumers to choose organic over non-organic products. As more and more information about the environmental and health impacts of traditional farming is published, consumers will choose organic products at a higher rate than ever. There has never been a better moment to embrace organic farming!

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