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Richmond Farm Land for Sale

As Virginia’s capital city, Richmond has a special reputation for its rich history, arts & culture and its important economic and governmental institutions. But little known is how the surrounding area is filled with productive land waiting for development! Thanks to the city’s unique location, Richmond farm land boasts some of the most quintessential features of Virginia’s geology and its unique benefits. Whatever your personal goals, we’re on hand to help you find the right land to bring it to life.

Richmond Farms for Sale

Situated just on the border of Virginia’s Piedmont and Coastal Plain, Richmond forms part of a diverse natural landscape traversing some of the state’s most quintessential geological regions. The Piedmont, making up much of central Virginia east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, features rolling green hills and a uniquely productive soil that makes the state an agricultural powerhouse; the Coastal Plain (also known as the Tidewater) is characterized mainly by its flat plains and marshlands, thanks to the effects of changing tides on these lowlands. Richmond, however, sits on the Atlantic Seaboard Fall Line – a natural formation separating the two regions by steep cliffs and large slopes. Because of this, Richmond farm land takes up the region above the Fall Line, boasting the lush landscape of the Piedmont while maintaining proximity to the major trade centers down in the Tidewater. So whether you’re looking to develop a major operation or just seeking personal property with access to coastal recreation, Richmond farm land offers some of the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Farming in Richmond

With such natural benefits, it’s no wonder the Richmond region is embracing local agriculture with a newfound appreciation. As the state continues to be a leader in the farm-to-table movement, the trend is only growing in the capital city. New co-ops are helping connect farmers and subscribing customers in new ways, while farmers markets continue to open. And it’s not just the small-timers, anymore – even major national chains like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market are increasingly taking pains to buy local! With no sign of this movement slowing down any time soon, there’s never been a better time to move on Richmond farm land and get in on the action.

Our team at Virginia Estates has a long history of expertise in the Richmond area, and we’re standing by to help you navigate your priorities and find the right property for your needs. Our listings range from smaller personal farms for the intrepid homesteader or those seeking the unique charms of country living, all the way to 500+ acre properties with immense potential for development into major (and even multiple) operations. And with our deep understanding of the different types of land across the state and the types of development best fit for each property, we believe in working as partners with you to help figure out the right plan for you. Whether you’ve dreamed of raising horses or livestock, planting food crops or tobacco, or building your own personal natural oasis, we’re here to help you navigate the listings and advise on what works best for you. Call today to schedule a viewing or discuss your vision for your new property!