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Richmond Horse Farms and Equestrian Facilities for Sale

The real estate specialists at Virginia Estates will guide you through the entire process of finding your dream Richmond Area Equestrian farm. Relax as our experts take care of the heavy lifting, giving you peace of mind.

Richmond Farms for Sale
There are myriad benefits of owning an equestrian farm, and whether you are looking for a boarding farm or you want to breed racehorses, Richmond and the surrounding area has some of the best land in the country.

No matter white type of farm you plan to run, there are similar things to consider. The experts at Virginia Estates are knowledgeable regarding both the availability of prime Richmond area real estate and the particular requirements of a horse farm.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Richmond Equestrian Property
First of all, you need a barn for your horses or horses. It must be large enough to accommodate your animals and keep them comfortable whether they are just looking for some shade or avoiding inclement weather. It should be free of hazards like sharp objects and things the horse can accidentally ingest.

Second, you must have a large pasture in which your horses can live and graze. A commonly used rule of thumb is that you should have at least one to three acres for each horse, taking into account the condition of the pasture.

In addition to having the appropriate amount of space for your horses, you must have appropriate fencing to make sure they stay safe. Horses evolved to walk long distances and are used to covering large swaths of land, therefore they need to be kept close to home. A fence can help keep your horse safe and secure. Horses are prone to curiosity, however, so make sure your fence is appropriate to protect against accidental injury or the risk of becoming trapped.

Depending on what the way in which you plan on using your land, there are other things to consider, too. You may need a riding ring for horse training, a run-in for shade or shelter from inclement weather, and perhaps even a breeding shelter if your business is horse breeding.

Let Virginia Estates Be Your Guide
As you can see, there is a great deal to consider when looking for the perfect horse farm or equestrian facility for you. Virginia Estates’ experts are well-versed in the requirements of properly running an equestrian farm, particularly in Richmond. Finding and purchasing the right equestrian property can be much more difficult than simply buying a home. Let the team at Virginia Estates guide and enlighten you on your search for your dream equestrian farm in or around Richmond.