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Monticello Wine Trail

For those wishing to experience some of the highest quality wine America has to offer, the Monticello Wine Trail is comprised of boutique wineries in the central Virginia area that produce small quantities of superior wine. The wine trail is renowned throughout Virginia and the entire East Coast for producing wine that truly reflects the regions distinctive terroir.

Each of the wineries on the trail uses intensely flavorful grapes grown locally in order to produce the richest wine possible. For those that wish to spend a day touring and tasting at award-winning wineries, the Monticello Wine Trail provides a convenient list of closely grouped artisanal wineries.

The Monticello Wine Trail was first dreamed up by Thomas Jefferson late in his life, when he looked down from his home at Monticello and envisioned vineyards producing high quality wines in his native state. Despite Jefferson’s efforts (he planted his own vineyards in Charlottesville), his vision did not fully take hold until the 20th century, when many boutique wineries began popping up in the area because of central Virginia’s unique terroir.

Today, the wines produced by these vineyards rival those produced in Europe, just as Thomas Jefferson dreamed they would. The counties surrounding Monticello have been designated as the Monticello Viticultural Area, which is now recognized internationally. Of Virginia’s 2,000 vineyard acres, over half of them are within the Monticello region.

Today, Virginia is the 5th largest producer of wine in the United States, and the Monticello Wine Trail is the best Virginia has to offer. The fulfillment of Thomas Jefferson’s dream, the Monticello Wine Trail has been called both the wine world’s best-kept secret and the birthplace of American wine.

Wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail offer visitors incredible views of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains from their places in the foothills, and some of the best wine crafted in Virginia. For those hoping to spend a day or a weekend exploring what the Monticello Wine Trail has to offer, the Trail has been broken into four convenient smaller trails.