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Horton Cellars Winery

Tucked away in breathtaking Orange County, Virginia, Horton Vineyards is one of the most innovative wineries in the country. Serenity abounds at Horton, where new viticultural techniques are being introduced all the time. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by Horton’s groundbreaking new methods and the delicious, high quality wine they produce.

The newest generation of wine being produced at Horton is made from the premier grape of France’s renowned Rhone Valley, Viognier. With a focus on producing wine of as high a caliber as that of famous European vineyards, Horton has also been utilizing other premier varieties of grape from Spain, Russia, Portugal, and Italy.

Horton’s distinctly European feel extends to the magnificent stone winery, and sets Horton apart from other vineyards in central Virginia.

Horton Vineyard opened in 1988, and immediately the vineyard began exploring groundbreaking new techniques to ensure quality. Horton’s “open lyre” training system promotes ideal ripening of the grapes, which can sometimes be difficult in the Virginia humidity, and the drop irrigation system produces ideal soil moisture conditions. The vineyard was built with the mission of producing extremely high quality wine, and Horton refuses to cut any corners in doing so.

Today, Horton produces Chardonnay, Cabernet, and a line of Rhone varieties, all of which are received extraordinarily well at national competitions. Horton plans to continue exploring new varieties of grape to discover the best that the Virginia terroir can produce.

Horton Vineyards is unique not only in the meticulous care it takes with its grapes or the extremely high quality of its wine, but also in the feeling visitors get when they visit. The beautiful stone winery gives visitors the feeling that they were transported to Europe in a simpler time, and allows visitors to relax, forget their hectic lives, and really enjoy a glass of wine.

The incredible vaulted ceiling tasting room offers spectacular, protected views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. For those looking for the perfect place to spend a warm weekend afternoon, Horton is the ideal place to catch your breath and enjoy some of the best wine the country has to offer.