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Things to Do in Charlottesville

Charlottesville offers a wide variety of activities to satisfy almost everyone from music lovers to nature enthusiasts to foodies. Some of the fun things to do in and around Charlottesville include:

Downtown Charlottesville and The Corner: Considered one of the finest urban malls in the country, the Downtown Mall houses more than 120 shops and 30 restaurants, including a movie theater and an ice skating rink. Located across from UVA’s beautiful campus, the Corner is seven blocks of bars, restaurants, bookstores, retail shops, and nightspots, frequented by University students.

Charlottesville Restaurants: Food is an important part of Charlottesville’s culture, as is proven by the wide array of restaurant choices.

Charlottesville Lightlife: Charlottesville’s bustling Downtown Mall is a prime spot for those interested in socialing, dining and live music.

Charlottesville Music: The Charlottesville area boasts many venues for live music lovers, from more intimate experiences to stadium-style concerts of hit artists across genres.

Charlottesville Shopping: Ranked one of the “Best Cities for Living and Launching a Business” by Fortune and Money Magazines in 2008, Charlottesville caters to anyone craving a different kind of shopping, where stores are small and personal, run by locals.

Charlottesville Sports: The natural beauty of the Charlottesville-Albemarle area paired with local residents’ dedication to health makes Charlottesville the perfect place to watch or play sports.

Charlottesville Hiking and Trails: Inside Charlottesville city limits, Charlottesville Parks and Recreation maintain almost a dozen nature and fitness trails.

James River Near Charlottesville: The James River is a 410-mile long river that flows through Virginia’s heartland. Beginning in the Alleghany Mountains of western Virginia, the river meets the Chesapeake Bay at Hampton Roads.