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Charlottesville’s Dedication to Conservation

Residents know that Charlottesville, Virginia’s striking real estate, an amalgamation of rolling hills and protected mountain views, is something to be preserved for generations to come.

That’s why Charlottesville-dedicated to environmental compliance, pollution prevention, and environmental stewardship opportunities-has adopted an Environmental Sustainability Policy. The policies major points include conservation, cooperation, environmental compliance and risk reduction, and restoration, so that we may preserve the natural beauty and health of the land.

The city government’s vision is for Charlottesville to be a beacon for other cities as “A Green City”. The local mission? To protect the environment appreciated in Central Virginia. “Charlottesville citizens live in a community with a vibrant urban forest, tree-lined streets, and lush green neighborhoods. We have an extensive natural trail system, along with healthy rivers and streams.

We have clean air and water, we emphasize recycling and reuse, and we minimize stormwater runoff. Our homes and buildings are sustainably designed and energy efficient.”

Charlottesville Awards

Because of residents’ dedication to the environment and conservation, and action taken by the city, Charlottesville has been acknowledged by several magazines. In recent years, Charlottesville has been awarded:

  • 2008 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award, Gold and Flag Award in the Environmental Program (Government) category
  • USGBC LEED Gold Certification, Downtown Transit Center, 2008, 1st LEED Gold municipal designation in the state.
  • 2007 Businesses for the Bay Environmental Excellence Award “Outstanding Achievement for Pollution Prevention, Local Government”
  • Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Awards, Outstanding Achievement for Pollution Prevention, 2007
  • Top Five Green Cities, Blue Ridge Magazine, 2006
  • City Parks and Recreation Department accepted as Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
  • City Parks and Recreation Department accepted Tree City USA

Charlottesville’s Environmental Programs

Stormwater Management Program: All stormwater drains to the Rivanna River, where the city has established a stormwater management program to reduce the amount of pollutants entering local waterways in order to protect water quality.

Water Resources Protection Program: This program is meant to solve drainage and flooding problems; assist with stormwater infrastructure rehabilitation; support environmental protection and restoration; and provide public education, outreach, and involvement with the conservation movement.