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Downtown Charlottesville and The Corner

Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall evokes the essence of the areas unique flavor. Most of the buildings lining the brick pedestrian-only road were built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; walking down West Main Street gives a taste of the culture and history upon which the city was built.

Considered one of the finest urban malls in the country, the Downtown Mall houses more than 120 shops and 30 restaurants, including a movie theater and an ice skating rink. The Paramount is a renovated historic theater that draws in comedy and musical acts. Also Downtown is Live Arts, a community-run theater which fosters talent with its extensive educational programs.

To the east, the mall ends with the Charlottesville Pavilion, an outdoor concert venue which hosts a different act each week during the spring and summer during the acclaimed Fridays after 5 concert series. Eight historical blocks of shopping, art, dining, and music provide enjoyment during any season of the year for the whole family.

Antics, Consignment House, and Ike’s Underground are full to the brim of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. Haggling is a big part the experience when purchasing the vintage and antique items available. Each item seems to have its own story, and the local owners are more than happy to spend time with customers individually.

Ming-Qing Chinese Antiques offers Eastern and Oriental antiques rarely made available in America. Bittersweet sells new and vintage clothing with a clever, edgy, and fun feel. New on the Mall is Derriere de Soie, a popular top-of-the-line lingerie store. Jean Theory offers a wide selection of designer jeans, while Petit Bébé dresses your baby or toddler in high-end clothing.

Because of Charlottesville’s spirit of entrepreneurship, many unique specialty stores have sprung up in the Downtown area. Alakazam isn’t just a toy shop; this store offers creative and imaginative gifts for everyone. Cha Cha’s, popular with Charlottesville’s younger crowd, sells funky, kitschy knickknacks perfect for gift-giving.

O’Suzannah Goods, a card shop, proudly displays handmade and eco-friendly items to keep or give away. The Needle Lady has a large selection of yarn, and dedicated employees anxious to assist on any handcraft with which you may be struggling.

Just half a mile for the Historic Downtown Mall is the University of Virginia’s hotspot “the Corner”. Located across from UVA’s beautiful campus, the Corner is seven blocks of bars, restaurants, bookstores, retail shops, and nightspots, frequented by University students.

The strip offers several sidewalk cafés perfect for meeting a friend or relaxing with a good book during a lunch break. Though often heavily-trafficked by students, the Corner’s coffee shops are the perfect place to study or just to take advantage of the wireless internet.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers has a lively and entertaining environment with excellent freshly-baked pizza and a wide selection of beers on tap. The local free trolley runs on a loop between the Downtown Mall and the Corner for convenient access between the two round the clock.