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Nestled in the heart of Virginia’s famous Blue Ridge Mountains is a region renowned for its rich history, welcoming community and stunning landscapes. Dotting the landscape around the historic city of Charlottesville lie luxurious mansions and estates spread across rolling green hills and the ancient mountains of central Virginia. For those seeking the splendor and privacy of manor-style living while still situated close to an urban center, the Charlottesville region has the ideal balance of community & solitude – along with some of Virginia’s finest natural beauty & colonial charm.

Founded in 1762, Charlottesville is one of America’s foremost early cities – the hometown of founding fathers like James Monroe & Thomas Jefferson, whose Monticello plantation estate lies just outside city borders, it’s maintained its picturesque colonial appearance for over 200 years. Thanks to its reputation as a warm community with rich history and excellent dining, Charlottesville continues to win accolades as one of the country’s greatest small towns and Southern destinations by the likes of Country Living, TripAdvisor, Southern Living and National Geographic Travel.

Charlottesville Country Estates

Yet just outside the city center, estates and vineyards sprawl across the idyllic countryside. Home to original colonial manors and their colonial-inspired counterparts alike, the region brings together the best charms of country living with modern luxury. Located in the Piedmont plateau of Virginia right on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Charlottesville area is characterized by rolling open pastures and a backdrop densely forested mountain peaks. The natural landscape alone draws thousands of visitors every year, as bucolic pastures and pristine woods burst with life in the spring and explode with stunning color as the leaves change in autumn. Surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery, each of these properties offers seclusion for privacy and intimacy with nature.

And with properties ranging from productive farmland to wineries, hunting grounds and historic estates, the region offers immense potential for development. Our properties are not just listings – they’re vehicles to bring your vision to life. That’s why our experts bring deep knowledge of the region and are standing by to help you navigate the possibilities and find what you’re looking for.

Charlottesville Mansions for Sale
Of course, an estate is nothing without a manor – and we know that the home can be just as important than the land itself. That’s why our listings feature so many diverse kinds of homes to meet your tastes. And while the landscape may be timeless, we believe country living is no reason to sacrifice modern comforts. Across our properties, you’ll find homes from rustic lodges to elegant mansions; idyllic farmhouses to luxurious manors; quaint cottages to colonial palaces – all with varying levels of modern updates. So whether you want a low-tech retreat to fully connect with nature or a modern luxury home with the charms of country living, we’re here to help you find the right home on the right land in the right place.

As one of the top wine regions in the country, the Charlottesville area is home to over 30 wineries easily accessible from the city. Its fertile soil makes the region a dream for vintners, and produces wine with a unique terroir that has gained international recognition. And with a bustling restaurant scene making the best of the region’s incredible local bounty, you’ll find the food is given as much attention as the libations. Indeed, the region is perfect for those with a taste for the finer side of country living: fresh mountain air, enchanting seasonal beauty, fine farm-to-table dining and the privacy to enjoy it at your pace. All just a stone’s throw from the center of town.