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Charlottesville Commercial Properties For Sale

If you are considering buying commercial real estate in Charlottesville browse through our listings below or give us a call today at (434) 981-5923. We can set you up with one of our specializing agents who can answer all of your questions about purchasing and owning a commercial building, office or land lot.

Charlottesville Commercial Real Estate

Our Commercial Real Estate Experts

Charlottesville, Open for Business

Virginia Estates will evaluate your Charlottesville commercial real estate needs. Our seasoned team of professionals will help you navigate the challenging spectrum of commercial properties in Charlottesville and its unlimited office space selections to help you discover the best fit for your business.

Many popular Charlottesville commercial properties are found on the Historic Downtown Mall, along the Route 29 corridor, and in the ever popular Barracks Road Shopping Center.

Our commercial real estate team is based in Charlottesville; let us help you make the right choice when it comes to this particular market.

Oftentimes selecting the correct type of office space or commercial property can mean the difference between your professional success and failure. This dilemma frequently becomes a real test for new business owners and for entrepreneurs looking to enter a new or unfamiliar real estate market. Difficulty regularly surfaces when trying to find balance between affordability and the ideal office space, especially if your familiarity and experience in the commercial space is limited.

And this dilemma is uniformly time-tested in the commercial property arena of the Albemarle County, Charlottesville real estate market.

Commercial Properties in Charlottesville: How to Choose the Right Office Space

Based on years and years of practice and resulting, hard-to-come by knowledge, our Charlottesville commercial real estate agency encourages you to consider the following questions when choosing the right office space in Charlottesville or in any other commercial real estate market.

Commercial Property Location

  • Is the neighborhood a safe one?
  • Do you have any transportation concerns and is your office easy to get to?
  • Are there amenities nearby such as restaurants, bars, and attractive stores?
  • Are there other like-minded or operated businesses in the area?
  • Is the neighborhood noisy? Is it quite and well suited for your type of business?

The Building

  • Is the building in which the office space resides safe and secure? Is it well maintained?
  • Is there a doorman (or woman) or someone responsible for reception?
  • Are there plans to begin work on the building or the surrounding are so your place of future work will not be disrupted?
  • Can you access the building during off-hours?
  • Is there adequate parking?
  • Do any competitors also rent or own office space in close proximity to the building?

The Office Space

  • Does the office space have enough room to meet your needs?
  • Are you allowed to paint and decorate? Can you customize the office space to represent your business?
  • Will the physical layout of the office space work and is there room for expansion if your business grows?

You Still Need Professional Guidance

While these basic questions may help you in your commercial property search, you still need professional counsel. Since you found our Charlottesville commercial real estate site, let Virginia Estates help you find the right location for success.

Remember, the Commonwealth of Virginia is open for business. Don’t get off on the wrong foot by making an unwise real estate decision in the beginning. Working with Virginia Estates will make certain you start your Charlottesville business on the right foot and in the right office space.