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Albemarle Homes For Sale

  Virginia Estates would love to find you the perfect Albemarle home. Please feel free to use our site to browse Albemarle real estate listings. We offer the most comprehensive listings available, designed to make your search easy and informative. Our real estate professionals are the most knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced, working in the industry today. Good luck in your search and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Our Albemarle County Experts

Albemarle Homes and Real Estate

Virginia Estates Realtors are eager to help you find your dream home. We do that by sitting down with you and really getting to know you and truly understand what it is you deeply want in an Albemarle home. We will then create a comprehensive packet of everything on the Albemarle real estate market that may be a good match.

We will show you which ever properties spark your interest and allow you examine them at length, with a respect for the gravity of this decision for you. When you decide you want a property, we can guide you through every step of the process with an array of services that will get you smoothly into that home at a great price.

Virginia Estates agents and Realtors are local folks that grew up in the area, have kids in the schools, and have a vested interest in this community. Since they have lived and walked the streets they are showing you, their knowledge is incomparable. They don’t just know the neighborhood – they know the history of the blocks, streets and properties and thus are able to find you exactly what you are looking for.

What Kind of Albemarle Home Do You Want?

In addition to having the most reputable and experienced Agents working in the Charlottesville region, most of our agents are also specialists who choose to focus on particular markets. This helps them to be able to have greater insight and ease in working on behalf of clients. Let us know if you are one of these types of buyers as we have agents that are eager to work with you:

First Time Buyer
You are ready to make the move from renting to owning, but you are new to the process and want to get it right the first time. Our agents can give you that extra attention and guidance that will help you through all phases of the process and get you into a great first Albemarle home.

Whether inspired by HGTV and Architectural Digest or perhaps brining some professional experience to the table, you are looking for a house that you can buy at a great price and then remodel into your dream home. Given Albemarle County’s rich history, there a many great properties built a number of years ago that would be ideal for you and we can help you find them.

Expanding Family
You have been blessed in life, and are ready to go from that starter home to a bigger, nicer property. We have agents that work with higher end properties whether they are in gated communities or lush Albemarle county estates.

You are ready to retire and may be thinking about a home on a golf course, an active senior community or a cabin in the woods. Whatever you r needs or vision for your retirement home, we can help you find the perfect Albemarle property that is within your budget.

You are moving quickly for work and need a house immediately, and may not be able to make many trips. We know how to accommodate your needs and parameters and can make sure if you do come down you see everything you would want to see and the best of what’s available. Once you decide on something, we’re great at working with you remotely to get you into an ideal Albemarle county home.

Estate & Farm Buyers
You are ready to buy a significant sized property. Whether you are doing so for the unparalleled lifestyle a large estate offers or you are a business owner looking for the right horse farm, working Virginia farm, vineyard or other agricultural endeavor, Virginia Estates knows how to locate and vet properties, and then can guide you step-by-step through the extensive process of purchasing and outfitting the property for your needs.

Some things you may want to consider initially as you start your search are:

  • Size/Square Footage
  • Number of Bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Inclusion of additional rooms you prefer such as offices, basements, sunrooms, garage
  • Architecture Aesthetic
  • Room Organization
  • Landscaping
  • Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural
  • Neighborhood
  • School Districts
  • Proximity to work
  • Proximity to other attractions important to you

The clearer your vision of what you want in an Albemarle home, the better we are able to help you find it. Please feel free to contact us to see if we may help you in any way we can.