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Albemarle County (Jefferson’s Country)

For residents, there is no question about the best place to live and work in Virginia; Albemarle County offers a stable economy, highly rated school systems, low crime and unemployment rates, and countless cultural and recreational amenities, all nestled in the heart of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. The area is now recognized nationally and internationally for its superior quality of life and unequaled real estate investment value.

Once the home of Thomas Jefferson, Albemarle County still breathes its distinguished history from every street; residents readily embrace the area’s culture, a fusion of modernity and veneration for the important events that have occurred on local soil. Albemarle has played a large part in shaping our national identity, and today the area Jefferson once called “The Eden of the United States” offers the opportunity to connect with our country’s proud roots.

Residents and visitors alike take advantage of Albemarle’s rich cultural amenities: Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson; James Monroe’s Ashlawn-Highland and its renowned Summer Music Festival; James Madison’s Montpelier; and Jefferson’s “Academical Village”, the University of Virginia.

Though Albemarle County offers a wide assortment of cultural, historical, and educational attractions, it’s difficult to resist the calling of the peaceful rolling hills and protected mountain views provided by the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. The area presents an array of possibilities hard to find in the rest of the country, from hiking and camping on the Appalachian Trail to golfing on world-class courses to skiing at some of the country’s most noteworthy resorts. Traversing the county is the James River, which offers plethora of ways to enjoy its natural beauty; this picturesque river is a popular place for swimming, hiking, camping, and picnicking in the summer.

Albemarle County’s verdant pastures and lush rolling hills make it the ideal spot for vineyards; known simply as “Wine Country”, the area already offers dozens of award-winning wineries scattered across the breath-taking countryside. The vineyards feature tours, tastings, and special events for those interested in the country’s most beautiful wine travel.

Albemarle Country values education, and the rich opportunities provided by the local school system reflect that commitment. The mission of the school system is to “provide value to the community by fostering a well-educated population that confers social, cultural, and economic benefits for all generations.”

The results of this promise are evident across the board, illustrated by impressive statistics: 93% of students in local schools complete high school, as opposed to 70%, the national average; average SAT scores surpass state and national averages by more than 60 points on each sub-scale; 85% of local high school graduates pursue post-secondary education; and 85% of the 2010 AP exams taken by local students earned scores of 3 or higher.

If you could feel at home in a setting of continually changing and beguiling natural beauty, then you will be well-rewarded by choosing a pleasant life in the land of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, who, like so many other perceptive people, chose this area above all others to call their home. Albemarle’s diversified fine dining and shopping, superior educational opportunities, historical attractions, and natural beauty make the area the ideal place to settle down.