Notaviva Vineyards

For Notaviva Vineyards, producing great wine is more than a job description; it’s a way of life. An incredibly original winery, Notaviva fully appreciates music’s ability to evoke emotion, and seeks to do the same with its wine.

Each wine is paired with a lyrical inspiration or musical genre so that you can understand the winemaker’s thought process and the feelings he hopes to convey with each sip you take. This unique philosophy is meant to connect patrons with their occasions and enhance their enjoyment of the wine and the moment.

A genuine artisanal winery, Notaviva’s winemaking principles include focus on quality, attention and dedication to detail, and honest craftsmanship. Visitors will enjoy the unique experience of visiting Notaviva, as guests are treated like family and welcomed to take their time tasting the wine and exploring the estate. While visitors may come for the award-winning wine, they return for the genial hospitality.

In order to produce wine that truly speaks to the drinker, Notaviva spends a great deal of time making sure its winegrapes are of the highest caliber. The vineyard understands the blessing of being located on Virginia soil, and tries to ensure that their viticultural practices deliver on the obvious promise of the terroir.

Each grape varietal is nurtured in its own unique way in order to preserve the subtle nuances between them. Because Notaviva strives to allow the fruit to speak for itself and because each growing season is different, the wines have different notes from year to year.

Notaviva Vineyards’ current wines include Viognier, Chardonnay, Vidal Blanc, Chambourcin, and Cabernet Franc. Since 2007, the winery has won 28 different awards in local, national, and even international competitions. The awards speak worlds about Notaviva’s unique philosophy and the distinctive wine that results from it. Those who appreciate wine will not regret a trip to Notaviva, from which they’re sure to return with several bottles of wine for later.