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Manassas, VA Real Estate

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Consider the team at Virginia Estates your official “Manassas VA Real Estate Guide.” If you or someone you know is searching for Northern Virginia homes for sale, you may want to think about Manassas. Housing opportunities abound in the Manassas real estate market, which is situated les than 40 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. Steeped in history, Manassas is home to the famous First Battle of Bull Run as well as a Confederate Cemetery. Today, community offers tremendous opportunities for home ownership, employment, and education, with a great quality of life.

Manassas is a standout among Prince William County real estate communities. It is within striking distance of our country’s capital, and its historical relevance draws people in from the entire country. The Manassas National Battlefield Park appeals to Civil War buffs and is notable among the Commonwealth of Virginia’s many battlefield sites and tourist attractions.

Manassas History

Manassas originated from a junction of two railroads linking Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., to the Shenandoah Valley and Richmond in the year of 1852. Manassas was rebuilt after the destruction caused by the Civil War, and remained a small town for the majority of the 20th century. It was not until 1975 that Manassas claimed its current status as a city, though the Museum system and Old Town historic district help maintain the charm of this historic spot.

So close to the Washington metropolitan area, Manassas is the perfect place to take your family and delve into the history of Prince William County. It is home to many museums and historic places in addition to the battlefield.

A few of the museums in Manassas include:

  • The Manassas Museum
  • Freedom Museum
  • Air Ground Museum

Manassas Historic sites include:

  • The Liberia Plantation
  • Mayfield Fort
  • Cannon Branch Fort
  • Manassas Industrial School
  • Historic Train Depot
  • Center for the Arts at the Candy Factory
  • Ben Lomand Manor House

Historic Homes in Manassas, Virginia

Because of its historical significance, it is no wonder that a number of impressive historical homes exist in the Manassas real estate market. Many historic homes in Manassas date back to the 1800’s. The Manassas Historic District is listed on the National Register; there are three designated historic districts within the city of Manassas. These include:

  • Manassas Local Historic District: The largest of the three districts, the MLHD spans 2.5 miles and encompasses not only the traditional downtown, but many of its surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Liberia Mansion Historic District: This is an 18-acre site that is home to the Liberia Mansion.
  • Mayfield Fort Historic District: This is an 11.5-acre site that includes remnants of the Mayfield plantation and the foundations of a Civil War-era fort.

Equestrian Interests in Manassas

If you and your family are equestrians, then Manassas is a terrific destination and place to call home. The Manassas National Battlefield Park has more than 20 miles of designated trails for horseback riding, making it one of the best equine riding areas in Northern Virginia. There are four different bridle trails available:

  • Main Bridle Trail, which is10 miles long
  • Brawner Farm Loop Trail, which is 8.5 miles long
  • Portici Bridle Loop Trail, which is 3 miles long
  • Matthews Hill Bridle Loop Trail, which is 5 miles long

The Battlefield Equestrian Society exists to promote equestrian activities at the Manassas National Battlefield Park. From recreation and fund-raising events to education and speaking events, the BES itself could keep equestrians very busy.

If you are searching for equestrian properties in Manassas/VA, our team of brokers and realtors can help you navigate inventory and find the right match that best suits your needs.

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